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Wonderful people of the internet! A little over, three years back I began learning about internet marketing. My goal when I started was to achieve financial freedom by taking advantage of affiliate marketing, blogging and lead generation strategies. While I made great progress using all of these strategies it took so much effort and energy out of me. I followed a lot of misinformation. I was working 10+ hours per day, all 7 days of the week just to make things work. I learned the hard way the best results come from building great relations with other digital marketers or joining great teams with a variety of skills and specialties. Also, having substantial capital to invest so as to build a brand greatly helps.

Success is like a roller coaster. There are many ups and many downs. There are periods of our life where intellectual capacity is at a peak performance and we can quickly learn about many subjects and work on multiple projects while feeling excited and energized. In the same way, there will be periods of our life where we want to rest, relax and enjoy ourselves. As long as we keep working consistently to achieve what we want in life, eventually we will get there. Ambitious goals like financial independence while providing lots of value to the world, takes decades for the greater majority of people. I will use the opportunity 3dCart gave me to keep learning and experimenting with the world of ecommerce!

And so, today, I find myself in a more blessed spot as I have joined 3dCart’s SEO/Marketing team. If you are not aware 3dCart is a full ecommerce platform which competes with the likes of Shopify, Volusion, Magento and Bigcommerce. This platform has a lot of flexibility and tools to make ecommerce stores thrive but is also more complicated to use as there are more settings. The fact is most customers on the 3dCart platform migrate from one of the other major platforms because they are looking for extra functionality they need to achieve their goals.



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Awesome team at 3dCart!

I’m pleased to say the team behind 3dCart is very smart. They know substantially about ecommerce, SEO and internet marketing in general. My first week in the company I have already learned so much and I will be applying the information towards my very own 3dCart store I will get. Is awesome they give this to all employees! In this way I will be able to generate some extra income so I can help my family and improve our quality of life.

I want to state, although SEO is not what it used to be, it still works! In fact there are many 3dCart clients who use their SEO services which have seen double or more the traffic from the time they started. I’m still familiarizing more with the whole process, but I can tell you from my own experience, they focus on optimizing the areas which really produce the best results for the customer.

Some such areas include main pages, category pages and top rated product pages which sell most. They are also smart to adopt an schedule which avoids Google penalty by over-optimizing or optimizing too quickly the websites. As I have tested with multiple websites which have seen great increase in traffic, today is not about doing all optimizations right away as it leads to SLOW GROWTH.

Instead, is about building a long term plan and continuing to develop and optimize the areas of your website for months. There are concepts to consider such as link velocity – which is the idea that websites who acquire links at a natural rate grow faster and healthier than those who buy links to manipulate the rankings. There is also content relevancy, and content freshness which means websites which update often with relevant content see increases in rankings because this is a positive signal sent to the Google algorithm. Just the act of updating something greatly helps.

To achieve the best results is all about giving Google the right signals for a sustained period of time without rushing the process. At 3dCart, they have come up with their own formula and methods to doing SEO which consistently delivers positive results. They take every google algorithm very seriously and implement strategies based on developments. The team is also using all the best tools in the market to make data driven decisions which yield the most benefits for their clients.

The video below by SERPchampionTV talks about link velocity.

Thus far 3dCart is Great!

To conclude! I want to state I’m excited all my hard work during these years have led me to this opportunity! Now I’m surrounded by amazing talent I can learn from. I will be sure to learn much more and to keep building my skills. Testing ecommerce ideas to grow online businesses and help clients. You can check out the 3dCart platform for 15 days free, pricing starts as low as $9/mo. For a platform with some many features and built with the best SEO features/practices out of the box, this is amazing value!

Disclaimer: 3dCart offers an affiliate program. The thoughts in this post are my opinion.


PS: The fastest way to produce results is to emulate what already works. Some of the best internet marketers I ever met left their ego behind, and worked for big agencies where they sharpened their skills. It’s time to evolve by working with hundreds of websites at different stages of growth!

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