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Acadium Internships

Some years back when I first quit my job as software engineer I remember spending months trying to figure out how online businesses worked. To this day I still invest most of my time into this practice and testing new SEO strategies, growth hacks and other ways to build brands. Something I wish I had come across back in the day is a platform like Acadium (previously known as GenM). This is a great place to acquire skills for entry level marketing jobs.

Acadium is a great place for students and professionals trying to learn digital marketing skills. As I have found the platform is filled with great talent. Many of the businesses I have helped, go the extra mile in providing tools and premium training so I can grow my skills. Business owners share substantial information in the form of systems and shortcuts to get more work done, faster and of higher quality. There are many great digital marketing agencies teaching students by doing, step by step. If you want to learn digital marketing I would recommend you to give it a try. If you are a business owner and need help from an apprentice check this out! The biggest downside is it will take some time to find the right intern for your project. However, reviews for this platform is 4.5 stars which is excellent. 

I have been applying my knowledge in digital marketing and SEO to grow some of the businesses in this platform. One of the businesses for which my apprenticeship is almost over, has seen a big increase in indexed pages on Google. As a result since there are more pages that show for user queries, this business has also seen more impressions and more clicks. Ultimately this leads to more sales and business value. 

Below is a report of valid indexed pages as shown on Google Search Console. As you can see over 100 new pages are being shown. This is about a 25% increase which is truly a great result. If you are a business owner within acadium you can find some apprentices like myself with SEO knowledge that could do some of this for you. In the other hand if you are a student, you can learn from someone the skills to get results like this. Recently I managed to find a job doing SEO in a large ecommerce company in part because I devoted some of my time to helping businesses in Acadium!




Pages Indexed

Join Acadium! Is a great investment! 

DISCLAIMER: Businesses can find apprentices for free but premium features costs $89/mo. Students or professionals who want to become apprentices and acquire digital marketing skills, can join for free. Internships for students are not paid. There are ways to leverage the experience to land remote online marketing jobs with stable salary and freelance opportunities. Internships last up to 3 months. Acadium also has an affiliate program in place.

This is my Experience Using Acadium As Intern

The platform is what I would call a gold mine for students or professionals trying to jump start a career in digital marketing. The reason I say this is because nothing teaches better than by doing. You could read hundreds of blog posts and books but unless you actually execute what you learn, you will never know if it works. Since online strategies are ever changing, by working on various projects of multiple sizes leveraging multiple technologies, this platform would allow you to acquire sufficient experience to learn all important concepts to succeed as digital marketer.

Currently there are over 5000 businesses (and growing) in this platform, all of which are looking for fresh digital marketing talent to help them with their projects. In particular I have seen popular agencies and very knowledgeable digital marketing strategists  who run 7-figure ecommerce websites. People of this caliber, who would be willing to mentor their intern to become a valuable and contributing team player in their business. Arming them with powerful skills which are in demand and teaching them valuable processes to generate sales.

Some of the skills you can learn within the Acadium Platform includes but is not limited to:

Search Engine Optimization/Optimizations for WordPress Sites

Branding and Public Relations

Social Media and Instagram

Data Analytics/Paid Advertising …

Among many other important concepts to propel a successful career in digital marketing. What I really like about the platform is that is possible to learn about multiple niches and business models which is great for anyone trying to figure out how to create resources using the internet. Something which I really liked is that some business owners and entrepreneurs in this platform are willing to spend thousands of dollars on digital marketing courses and share them with their apprentice to make them competent practitioners of online marketing techniques. I wish I had this level of luxury when I first began teaching myself by failing countless of times as I followed information which was outdated and of little benefit until I found what worked which by the way changes all the time.

All of this allows the interns to accumulate rather quickly valuable experience which can be listed on their resume. At times there are agencies which are looking to hire and they recruit the best talent from within the platform. This is smart investment made because they can test drive potential employees before making an offer and actually know their level of skills and results the employee can produce. Digital marketing is one of those fields where there are some real rockstars who know what they are doing, while others put in practice obsolete strategies which produce little value. Techniques and procedures change all the time and it requires creativity and testing to figure out what works.

If you want to join as a business and become a hiring partner click this link or click the banner below. Businesses can join for free and browse through the database of available interns. However, in order to contact apprentices there is a fee of $83/mo which includes a multitude of premium features. 

I find countless of other advantages to the Acadium platform. In my personal experience I have learned about powerful methods and strategies to generate more traffic and make more sales by simply chatting with agencies and business owners in this platform. The pool of talent is great. Some of the business owners are full time digital marketers who are running successful 7 and 8 figure agencies. These are the same people who coach interns and give all the tools needed to learn the skills. One of the best ways to learn new skills is to have structure or set of tasks to follow and repeat. This is how Tim Ferris and Tony Robins teach people to become world class at anything within 6 months. It requires deconstructing the skill and doing each task continuously, repetitively until each component is mastered.

Some tools provided to interns can cost as little as a few dollars per month, or all the way to enterprise online marketing software which can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per month in order to license. Usually, the bigger the agency or business in question, the more tools an intern would have at their disposal. To access the best projects within the platform you should build some skills by working on smaller projects first. For this reason alone I think Acadium is very good. If you are a student you can use expensive tools and build experience without having to invest money and license them for yourself. These are tools you can list on your resume to land a job after the internship.

Given there are so many businesses in there you can find all sort of niches, tools and projects to work on. Some projects are earlier in their development stages and would teach you about outreach and negotiating deals with influencers. While other projects have been online for much longer and perhaps they need help to migrate their web properties to a dynamic platform or dynamic wordpress theme. There are roles for all sort of skills and complexities depending on the kind of experience the intern would like to build.

You can use this link to join as a student and get businesses to tell you about their projects and what they look for in an intern. One of the coolest aspects of using Acadium is that if you don’t like your mentor or project for whatever reason you can find another project to work on. The platform is made to produce win/win situations so there is no need to be stuck in a project you don’t like. Something I really like about the platform is the ability to network with very successful business owners, some of which could become references if they are pleased with the performance as interns.

Thus far I have helped multiple businesses which are using Acadium. I have played the role of the intern and I have been blown away to find some of this business owners are willing to buy world class digital marketing resources worth a lot of money and have their apprentices execute the structure of the program for them. This has been invaluable experience which makes me a stronger online marketing strategist. Digital marketing is one of those fields where you can’t never know too much. Even the smallest details can be the difference between great digital campaigns, or falling short of being profitable.

This is the kind of information which can be used to produce great benefit to the businesses, and at the same time I can utilize them for my own projects as well. Win/win is awesome! Also I have seen many agencies and employers are using this platform to recruit the best talent they can find. I’m talking about digital marketing jobs which can cross the six figures if you have the right talent and skills or learn them during your internship. So building a good reputation for being hard worker and skilled within Acadium is totally worth it as it can help land work from home opportunities and freelance opportunities to build some extra income.

No matter if you are a student trying to learn digital marketing. Or a business trying to recruit an intern to help you out. You should give this platform a try and see how it does for you. For myself it has been a valuable resource which I will keep using to build my skills, network and generate potential income opportunities. I always find great convenience in having more tools to test and produce measurable, repeatable results with!

Try Acadium today for businesses or students! The beginner’s guide will show you plenty of useful information.


PS: For the students out there. Want to learn ways to get stuff in exchange for 10-15 minutes of your time? Here is how I do it.

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