Here you can find some of the best books you should read. *Digital marketing *Ecommerce *Sales *Copywriting are some of the topics. Becoming successful in any discipline requires substantial effort in the form of personal development and to build leadership skills. 

I would also encourage you to check the blog. In there you find some of the best substance I have extracted from all of these books, synthesized with ideas I have learned from testing and researching. I’m putting my best ideas and understandings, so you can use them.

Some of the most successful people I know prefer audiobooks than printed books. I think a combination of both is the best. I find it that reading at night to end the day improves creativity and helps sleep better naturally without using drugs.

I also included at the bottom my two favorite email lists I subscribed to. From personal experience, the single biggest thing that has impacted my life the most, is the willingness to read books. Books will shape your thinking. Make you resourceful so you can earn and build a better life.

DISCLAIMER: When you buy any of these books I receive a small commission in the form of 4%, at no extra cost to you. It helps me run the site.

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