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Google Fact Check

Warm welcome to my personal blog. As you may know by now I have a healthy obsession about growing brands and building businesses on the internet. I spend considerable time learning and testing strategies to create the best brands across various niches. Ranking for small bloggers has become more difficult than it used to be in the sense big authoritative sites rank for most keywords. However, there is a growing opportunity some may capitalize on which comes from producing great quality, truthful content.

A lot of information which goes viral on social media and search engines does not come from trusted sources. This is one of the reasons the FTC and congress investigated some of the tech giants Google/YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. As a result, more emphasis is being put in stopping the spread of misinformation which is not backed by facts and relevant sources. If your online business relies on content marketing to succeed, you should adopt a strategy where your articles are carefully reviewed to make sure the information you share is true. This also applies to ecommerce products and the science and technology behind them. In the future, using facts will be the difference between success or failure to reach bigger audiences.

INTERESTING FACT: As recently as June 2019, many Private Blog Networks (PBN’s) have been hit with a new Google algorithm update. The result of this is that thousands of websites have been hit with a penalty and are being deindexed. Right now is a great opportunity to launch new niche sites and take maximum advantage of this opportunity. It will still take substantial effort to rank, but for those who persists there is a chance to generate good income now that many authority sites are going away.

A newsletter I closely follow is “The Search Herald”, which keeps track of some of the most important news which have to do with Search Engine Optimization. In their latest issue, I learned that Google is starting to fact check articles for the veracity of the information being shared. They have been experimenting and improving this technology for the last 3 years or so.

The large search engine which serves up to 90% of the traffic share worldwide currently fact checks 11 million articles per day. Considering over 4.4 million new blogs are published every day Google will slowly continue to improve their fact checking capacity of search queries so as to fight the spread of disinformation. That’s part of the goal, although a very difficult one because there is over 130 trillion individual pages which have been indexed.

Why should you care about all of this anyway? For a long time, a big part of the working strategy I have seen, in building profitable online businesses is to put out bogus information which is not backed by research or science. In fact, in my journey as a digital marketing strategist I have come across hundreds of successful native add campaigns, launched out of places like Thailand, Pakistan and the Philippines which would advertise their products or services in false ways.

To give you an example, often times they would say a big celebrity like Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Taylor Swift or Tiger Woods sponsored the product or supplement. Of course none of the celebrities actually used or backed up the product. The video below can give you an idea of what I mean.

With Google stressing fact checking, the companies trying to take advantage of the consumer will have a more difficult time. Their products and services won’t appear as much on organic search. Also bidding for add impressions will cost more if the information they are providing is false. The true brands with real products and services will do better than before. This kind of makes me think of when Google launched the Penguin update. Companies that had taken advantage of link spamming to gain more rank on the SERP’s lost most of their income very rapidly.

The good thing is if your products and services are supported by science and research then these updates are to your advantage. If you are planning on launching new brands and services keep this information in mind. The more reputable the information put out by the brand the better the results. Also since many authority websites that abused Private Blog Networks (PBN’s) are being taken down, there is a big opportunity to take their place.

My goal for today was to make you aware of this information, and encourage the brilliant entrepreneurs, super affiliates and bloggers out there to provide the best information they can to accurately represent products and services. If you want to build a long term digital asset which will withstand the test of time start fact checking your information meticulously. Make sure your sources are relevant and trusted. In this way, what you put online will stay indexed and driving traffic for longer which means more potential for business opportunity. 

Something many SEO experts talk about is the “Google sandbox“, which is the idea that Google makes it much harder for websites to rank at the start. The longer a website has been online and producing content, the easier it will become for it to rank. This makes sense because the search company wants to make sure only trusted sites get to the top. Right now since the web is being cleaned out is the perfect chance to start building digital assets.

I hope you learned something useful! Here are some more tips to speed up WordPress Sites. Until the next time.


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