How to Get to the Top of Google Search in 2020

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I want to give you a warm welcome to my blog. The last month or so, has been crazy with the coronavirus spreading worldwide and causing the stocks to fall, putting many businesses in the brink of failure. At the end of all this there will be a lot of opportunity to bounce back and keep growing strong. The Federal reserve has in fact chosen to cut interest rates to near zero and they are launching $700 BILLION quantitative easing program.

If you don’t know what that means taken from Wikipedia:

Quantitative easing, also known as large-scale asset purchases, is a monetary policy whereby a central bank buys predetermined amounts of government bonds or other financial assets in order to add money directly into the economy.”

This relates to a video one of my runescapian friends made to try to show $87 less per month is all the money people would need to stop spending, in order to put the United States into a recession. I’m putting the video below if you are curious to see it. The channel has tons of valuable information.

Pretty much the FED wants to add money into the economy so it can keep running because the situation with coronavirus can put us in times like it happened during the Great Depression. Luckily I can tell you. With BIG conviction. We will all be fine as long as we got enough TOILET PAPER. You can probably tell by now why I never realized my childhood dream. I wanted to become a comedian. #fail

If you want to learn more about money and how the FED works, Mike Maloney’s Hidden Secrets of Money is the best resource.


How to get Your web Page to the Top of Google

For today I just want to give you a quick tip you can use to find keywords and content you can rank for. I learned from multiple internet marketers that one way to find keywords or queries with high search volume is to let Google autocomplete whatever query I’m looking for. Some people who have talked about this method includes Neil Patel, Brian Dean and the folks from Income School.

When Google autocompletes or finishes the question, sentence or query it means many people are looking for that topic. So there is some valuable traffic there!

The next step would require to download the moz bar into your chrome browser as is no longer available for Mozilla Firefox. Be aware the moz bar has been giving some issues as of lately and you may have to play with it a little bit. To ensure it works log in to your account and click the plug in at the top right of your web browser a few times until it shows data like below (marked with red arrows PA and DA). Below is a good video showcasing the uses of the Moz bar.

The moz bar can give you information about the domain strength of whoever is ranking on top and the number of backlinks they have. To give you an example look at the picture below. The article from is ranking relatively well even though he has a rather low domain authority and page authority compared to a big website like One day I WILL put an article there.

So the thing to do once you find a website which is ranking, and it has low Domain Authority and Page Authority. Is to continue searching for more terms, until you are able to find results which has a domain with very little authority on top. If you find answers from forums or web 2.0s like blog spot and Quora it likely means you could outrank the article or content if you create a piece which is better and matches the user/search intent google has for the keyword. Please note building web 2.0’s and PBN’s to rank a website is a black hat approach to SEO which can result in unrecoverable penalty.

What does Search and User Intent Mean?

Here is a nice video made by Miles Beckler about search intent:

Kevin Indig and Jeff Coyle also have a good presentation about user intent:

The point is, if you can create content which is better than what already exists and your domain authority is comparable (or better) to the domain already ranking,… you can expect to rank. This is especially true if the content you create gets relevant backlinks organically as I have found.

This method is hard to use for niches to do with marketing, since digital marketing is so saturated and is so competitive. Among my intentions when I created this blog was to land a job to do with SEO and marketing so I could keep on learning and testing strategies I learned on aged domains with good authority.

However, there are many other smaller niches out there which are virtually untapped. Blogging if done this way, is just like doing a regular job. Google will surface your content because you are directly answering the questions many people have and then with the right monetization strategy full time income could be produced. It just takes a long time to get sufficient domain authority to be competitive in the hardest niches so as to rank well.

Since Google favors high authority domains, one of the best ways to increase authority on the web is to create bigger websites richer in content. Bigger websites allow you to do lots of internal link building which essentially passes SEO value (or link juice) between your pages. I have seen it time and time again, bigger websites which properly utilize internal linking rank higher than their competitors. 

There is no such thing as something for nothing and Google is particularly font of this. They want to see hard work and consistency being put into the domains which ultimately rank higher and receive the most visitors.

I have received multiple emails asking me how I’m doing. I have been really busy working at 3dcart learning a lot of SEO and marketing information. We are working with hundreds of websites in all sorts of niches and verticals, some which are just starting out and others which get millions of visits per month. I have been learning from the team there and using some of my own strategies to help the clients grow.

Until next time…


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