Keyword Golden Ratio – Can The Terms Really Rank in 48 Hours?

Keyword Golden Ratio Strategy

Over the last 3+ years I have invested many waking hours reading about Search Engine Optimization strategies from all kind of sources. Often times, I would find people who would encourage others to target terms with 800-8000 total searches per month. Others would say to use Google Keyword tool and to find terms with as much search volume as possible which were marked LOW competition and target those. This post I will talk about Golden Keyword Ratio and how it can help produce results from organic SEO faster.

I remember when I first started learning SEO. Madness! So much of it was confusing. Every source had their methods and strategies which would work as expected half the time. However, this Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) method will work no matter your skill level because you will be producing content for terms nobody is competing for. If you are trying to rank a blog, or ecommerce store with content marketing use this method and you will see results almost immediately. Create sufficient content and you will start to rank for the more competitive keywords, opening the flood gates of organic search traffic from the various search engines!

SIDENOTE: By the way! I’m hoping everybody is having a great time with their loved ones. I wish everybody the best for 2020 including great health, happiness and business prosperity. For myself I’m hoping 2020 is a year where I learn and test many more digital marketing strategies and get closer to financial freedom.

Maybe at some point in time years back these strategies were solid and worked well. This is no longer the case. In fact, I tested many of them only to find little results in rankings and traffic coming to my test pages. Eventually I came to realize keywords marked as low competition in Google Keyword Planner refers to how aggressively businesses are in bidding for them. So high competition on a keyword means more entities are spending money on it to have bigger Ad Impression share for the terms. It has nothing to do with SEO or organic competition. Simply, terms with bigger competition have more commercial add value to businesses.

NOTE: Back in the day when I first began learning about SEO and digital marketing, the first person to introduce the idea of targeting super low competing keywords was Marcus also known as “Affiliate Marketing Dude”. Here is a link  to his Youtube channel as you may find useful information. After a lot of testing of strategies I have realized the advice he gave back then is very sound. In a way he had his own KGR strategy to rank fast and be more productive.

How do I rank Websites in 2020?

Given this is the case. The question always remained. How I’m I supposed to rank a brand new website without using Black Hat SEO techniques or strategies which will result in penalty in the future? In the video below Brian Dean shares his latest SEO checklist to rank content.

Use Keyword Golden Ratio!

One of the best answers from the SEO perspective I have been able to find up to this point is to take advantage of Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR). So what is this (KGR) concept in the first place? You need to understand that smart SEO’s and digital marketers come up with new terms and keywords with the purpose to get other people searching for them.

These Terms Are The Easiest to Rank For…

In other words SEOs and marketers make up keywords all the time and put them on social media platforms like Instagram and web properties. The idea is to get these terms to become popular searches. The more a search term is entered in Google, the higher the likelihood it will register as an autocomplete search term in the Google back end. To give you an example all of these search terms in the picture below are currently registered in Google which means these drive traffic. 

Keyword Golden Ratio

Because There is Very Little Competition.

As of today (December 28, 2019) this specific term “keyword golden ratio” receives only about 110 searches per month. This means, this is one of those keywords for which is possible to rank right now which will in the future become a lot more competitive as more people become aware. This is in essence how you should start thinking of SEO if you are building new websites. Pick the lowest path of resistance. Target keywords nobody knows about which have potential to become popular searches. As the monthly search volume grows, more authoritative websites will compete for the terms and take your spot. Rinse and repeat the process.

What will happen is that little by little. By repeating the process a water droplet at a time your SEO bucket will start to fill and eventually your digital properties will develop sufficient momentum to outrank bigger competitor websites. This is why is so hard in the beginning. Any website which is more established can outrank yours and take the impressions and traffic for those keywords which you are targeting.

Find Keywords With Potential To Become Popular

Anyway, the big idea with KGR type terms is to find keywords in a developmental stage where there are very little monthly searches. The terms slowly are seeded and auto populated along other related and popular searches in Google. Resulting in new sources of traffic as more people familiarize with the term and find the information. 

If Less Than 30 Results Pop Up, Is Easy To Rank

The competitive advantage in this approach to doing SEO is that very few articles and competitors will be on the web for these keywords. Often times,  you will be able to find less than 30 articles indexed which contain the terms you are trying to target. Normally Google only shows the first 100-200 results for a specific keyword. This means, even with very low Domain Authority you can rank among the first 10 for KGR keywords because very few people are competing for the terms.

It has been found that the Google search query which comes up at #1 receives roughly 90% of the clicks produced by the query. So even by being top ten, instead of number 1 you may still not see big results, especially if the terms being targeted receive as little as 10 searches per month.

FUN FACT: You should use a plug in like Rank Math for your WordPress website which allows you to take advantage of schema data and rich snippets. Sometimes articles which are featured with image rich and text rich properties, take the attention of the user which helps boost Click Through Rate (CTR). Multiple times I have noticed a page which ranks in positions 2-5 for a term, but since it has a rich snippet at the top of the search it takes virtually all the traffic share.

Schema Data and Rich Snippets Are Awesome

Below I show you what rich snippets look like. These are the ones I found for my website. If you want more details I linked to an article made by Yoast which is more comprehensive.

Rey on digital marketing rich snippet
Rey on digital marketing text snippet

Notice how the snippet appears on top even though “Rey Digital Marketing” clearly outranks my page I’m still able to get more traffic share because of the rich snippet. Three months ago when I was building this website none of these other websites existed. Funny to see how they are targeting keywords I should be ranking for. This is great because now I have to try strategies to outrank all of them.

Something I learned from working remotely with SEO specialists at TDM, and by looking at Semrush reports, is that Google has set up the algorithm so that it reorders results on a continual basis to find the right ranking spot for competing articles and websites. This is also known as the Google Dance. So by being among the top 10, the chances are highly increased to have the algorithm put your articles and digital assets as the number one search to test if it belongs there. If you learn to use Google Search Console, you will also see this behavior. The Google algorithm will continue to put your website in different spots until it ranks consistently in one place.

When this happens, 90% of the traffic served during that time your rank is at #1, will likely find your content. At that point, if your digital assets serve valuable content and help the user solve their problem, then they will stay longer on your page and perhaps leave a comment, fill a contact form or bookmark the page. All of these are powerful signals search engines like Google take into account, resulting in another test round where your website will be once again be put at #1 for the term in question until the algorithm has sufficient data to determine the right place it should rank.

The power in taking advantage Keyword Golden Ratio terms is that is easy to rank for them in 48 hours or less because there are not many articles in the index trying to rank for these terms. This makes it easier to become #1 for the term and extract all this traffic. If we take into consideration the fact there are millions of these terms to be capitalized on, even at a low 10 searches per month each, it only takes 100 terms for the potential to get 1000 impressions per month in the top 10 results. Since terms are related “bundled together” so to speak, ranking for one makes it easy to rank for others.

Your Digital Assets Will Become Stronger

As people start clicking and finding your websites, reading and engaging with the content. Purchasing products and leaving positive customer reviews online and in Google My Business. The asset becomes much stronger and then it becomes possible to rank for more competitive keywords which receive, hundreds and thousands of impressions every single month. These are the keywords you won’t be able to rank for months (or years) unless you are very lucky to produce content which goes viral and becomes featured in Buzzsumo or paperli – two great platforms for popular content discovery. This could happen, but very rarely does it happen by pure coincidence.

Learn To Roll With Viral Content Already Online

In fact, many SEO experts have written about how they create viral content. Some of them resort to finding information (data and numbers), and publish studies which are pitched to TV stations and online magazines. Others, use buzzsumo and keep track of articles being put out by Online Magazines, Popular Bloggers, Web Roundups and Digital Newspapers with the purpose to create infographics and videos to showcase the data in a different form to have it placed in the viral articles. As long as  the Magazines or Newspapers give them attribution for creating the infographic/video and grant a backlink, is worth the effort. Now all the links pointing to those viral articles will bring traffic which will also find the web properties of those who created the infographics and videos thus, ultimately, making their websites stronger and more authoritative.

There are many more strategies that can be used. Following trends closely and producing content to capitalize on trends is yet another way to gain some momentum. In the beginning, when we have a new site – the small fish in the pond so to say. Is best to compete for the keywords nobody else wants because is not profitable or worth their time. The crumbs authority sites leave, is what allows new websites and ecommerce stores to slowly climb the ranks and gather enough backlinks and social signals to eventually compete with much bigger authority sites.

Some of the reasons organic white hat SEO takes so long has to do with how the ranking process works. To begin with if your Domain Authority (DA) is only 1, there is no way you will be able to rank for keywords that receive 1000 impressions or more per month. Those keywords are super competitive and being targeted by domains which have 40, 50 and 60+ domain authority respectively. These sites have been online for years and contain hundreds if not thousands of pages and reputable backlinks.

At The Start Only Target The Easiest Keywords

NOTE: If you want to be able to tell the Domain Authority (DA) of your potential competitors, one way to do it rather easily is to use the Moz bar. This is one of the easiest ways to figure out keywords worth competing for. Once you perform a search query on Google if the websites that come up for the search have low Domain Authority comparable to yours and you look at their content to realize you can produce something better, then it may be worth your time to create an article or a resource targeting the term.

Build Your Spiderweb, An Army Of Easy Terms

An analogy I like to think of, is SEO is like building an spiderweb. As long as we put out good content, which is original and valuable and helps the users solve their problem in entertaining or educating them, then at one point or another this content will help us rank better and bring more visitors.

There has been plenty of times when I worked on a project and I produced an article targeting a keyword which had little or no hope of ranking and receiving traffic. Then another popular blogger, or authoritative website wrote content which was somehow related and as a result it brought more
attention to what I had written. Nobody can predict with 100% accuracy what content the algorithm will like the most but if you don’t produce anything in the first place then you will never know. I like the idea of producing and improving digital assets as time goes and there is more data in Google Search Console.

Seeing Momentum At The Start Is The Hardest…

The hardest part is the start because there is no authority or reputation to help you. So the best thing to do is to stay faithful on your project and to work hard. Compete for the terms nobody wants. Have the mindset that even 1 click for a keyword every month will eventually lead to exponential
growth. And this is exactly how it works. At the start you will get nothing. Then as Google tests your properties and ranks it where it should be, a shower of traffic will suddenly appear.

Few Things Feel Better Than Achieving Results!

At that point you have a growing asset which can be used to fuel other projects and possibly to generate income and produce employment opportunities. Being patient is key. Substantial experimentation and tweaking is also very important. The fact is no SEO, no matter how good they are, can ever guarantee the ability to rank for any keyword. They can only utilize best practices and strategies which have worked in the past to leverage similar results for their projects and their clients. Techniques are ever changing and good techniques today become obsolete tomorrow.

Google makes billions of dollars every year from paid advertising. It is to their advantage to make it as simple as possible for businesses to use pay search than to take advantage of organic methods which are free. The way to skew the odds to your side. Is to produce great content which results in engagement and great user experience. This is also at the core of what the search engines want because they are competing with one another for attention. The more traffic inside their domain the better and traffic is kept by producing the best websites to engage with the target audience.

Keyword Golden Ratio BizUp- For A Strong 2020

To conclude. If you are just starting out with SEO I recommend you to learn how to spot keywords which have very little search volume. Compete for those. You will grow your website rank and authority faster and stay motivated by seeing results. Use Golden Keyword Ratio as explained by the author of the formula, Doug Cunnington and see how it does for you. 

In my personal experience from working on various projects, when starting a new website one of the best strategies is to target super long, unwanted search terms nobody wants which get a little bit of search volume every month. Then by producing hundreds of pieces of content around those keywords is possible to build up traffic to a point where Google can do all necessary testing to rank the website. Sort of like the snowball effect, it then become easier to target more complex and competitive queries. In this way is possible to extract resources from the internet which is a great skill to master because the internet when used correctly can become the pinnacle to freedom.

Til next time.


PS: If you are having trouble finding keywords which past the KGR test:

[Allintitle results] DIVIDED [search volume] <= (Is less than or equal) to: 0.25

I recommend you to use answerthepublic to find long tail variations of questions and topics you would like to answer which pass the KGR test. If you hit the maximum amount of requests a simple way to bypass this is to use a free VPN. If you prefer a more reliable paid VPN I have been using PIA for the last 4+ years and it has been a great investment. Often times doing product research on foreign marketplaces requires a VPN.

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