Solopreneur – Why Single Man Business Is So Hard


Technologically speaking, we are living the most exciting times. Artificial intelligence, robotics, software automation and quantum computing are here to make our lives easier. Our collective intelligence has built powerful machines, capable of producing hundreds or thousands of times the work we could achieve just 20 years back.

I remember when I first took a leap of faith and began working extremely hard to learn Internet Marketing. At the time, I wish I knew a lot of the information within this post. Becoming good at Internet Marketing (IM) is a process which can take years because there is so much to learn. What I have learned after all of these years is the goal should be to create many digital assets in the form of websites, apps and pages in popular social media sites. Working on your personality coupled with social media marketing has great potential! The idea then becomes to keep testing strategies until something works. For most people it takes months and sometimes even years before they make any income on the internet.

Here is a small glimpse of some of the technology that will power the future. Tell me in the comments about other technology videos like like.

***Engineers and scientists are working on autonomous machines capable of recognizing valuable crops, weeds and crop disease. The idea is to have the machine spray nutrients to crops, and chemicals/herbicide to the weeds or crops affected with disease. Helping the environment stay cleaner.

***This machine is capable of building a house in a few days. Tell me in the comments. How do you think this will affect real state?

***3D printing is being used to produce guns, prosthetics and new ecommerce products. The more advanced this technology becomes the more power to invent new ideas.

All of this technology and our ability to access just about any information we want with a quick search on Google, has popularized the idea of becoming entrepreneurs. More specifically, the proliferation of powerful ecommerce technology has brought about many so called solopreneurs, who make it their challenge to build their businesses fully on their backs.

FUN FACT: Technologies like 3d Printing, Biogenetics, Nanotechnology and Artificial Inteligence will merge together to create the next generation of smart devices. The income potential will be exponential for the entrepreneurs who manage to integrate these technologies to introduce the new wave of products that change the world. We are in fact living the most exciting time in history from a technological perspective. 

Today I want to give you reasons why single man team fail so hard at building an online business. Is not impossible to succeed. I’m a solopreneur and I have found some degree of success. However, the only reason I have succeeded even just a tiny bit, has been because I have committed thousands of hours to researching, learning and executing what I learn.

I want to tell you some of the most important lessons I have learned up to this point.

When You Start Out, The Algorithms Are Not Your Friends

Outside of my website you may find many marketing agencies out there who show off case studies of the results they got for their clients. The reason why they are able to produce this kind of results has more to do with their connections and online authority and not as much with their actual knowledge.

INTERESTING FACT: Sometimes I watch webinars to learn new information. In this webinar at 39:38 mark, Income School talks about a Google patent which supports their theory it takes 35 weeks to reach 90% of the traffic potential of a post. The main reason for this delay in ranking ability is to avoid SEO manipulation. Anyone starting an eCommerce store, web app or blog with the idea to fuel it’s growth with content marketing should know this.

In other words, many of the agencies out there who produce great results for their clients have built connections inside big online magazines like Forbes, entrepreneur and other high quality authority websites. They can utilize those connections to create guest posts opportunities and build backlinks to the digital assets of their clients.

Similarly, in order to become a truly successful marketing agency the people working there must have built a portfolio of digital assets along their journey. I’m talking about websites, blogs, ecommerce stores, podcasts, YouTube channels and highly engaging social media profiles.

These channels have already built up authority and a stream of users (an audience) which resonates with their content. So the real value in working with a good agency with all those digital assets as I have just described, is the agency could leverage these channels and connections to produce deals which in turn promote your business if you are their client.

When it comes to SEO and digital marketing this should be done indefinitely to build a brand. But the time when it makes the most sense to hire a professional is at the start of the project. This is when is most difficult to achieve results because there is no active audience engaging with the content. A real marketing agency will use all of its resources to bring the project to life.

Unfortunately, the start is when most online businesses have very little capital and can’t afford to pay $1000/mo at the entry level to $10,000/mo at the enterprise level in marketing/SEO services. However, the good teams can produce 5x and 10x+ on the investment you make so is totally worth it.

NOTE: If you need digital marketing or SEO services contact me. I know the right people who can help you.

The real value in these services is that ultimately the algorithms will be on your side. Allowing the project to take off as you build the required reputation and authority to make it big!

This is the reason why working with the right marketing agency as soon as you can afford it, is so important as it will increase exposure for your business manifold. You should pick to work with professionals who have built expertise in your specific industry.

Just like my friends at Plumbing & HVAC SEO in Doral, FL, who focused on helping plumbers and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Companies. Since they became the best in this vertical, their company has become one of the fastest growing companies in the USA.

Also, all of their resources and procedures are focused to help this specific type of clients, which makes it easier to get them repeatable and measurable results. If your goal is to build a digital marketing agency, you should focus on one type of customer and become the best in the business.

As a wise man once said, “Who runs after two hares at the same time, catches none.” Remember focus is the productivity multiplier. So by focusing on a single industry you can become exponentially more effective.

The gold nuggets you should take:

      1-     Find a good marketing agency as soon as you can afford it. They should be the experts in your SPECIFIC industry.

      2-     Success can only be produced with the right connections

In other words. If you are currently working all by yourself. Focusing on producing content and assets to build your business and building your online portfolio. You should be putting a big chunk of your efforts in building partnerships and connections with like minded solopreneurs, businesses and brands. This will help you succeed a lot faster.

In the beginning many brands and businesses won’t be interested in what you have to offer. However, as you improve your content, and skills more brands will reach out with sponsorship deals.  Remember temporary failure is only to test your metal and see how far you are willing to grow so you can succeed.

In rare circumstances, when you start out you may create content which is controversial and goes viral. At times a celebrity or prominent influencer with millions of followers may find your content and decide to share it. This is one of the ways “overnight success” is built. A mix of luck in combination with years of building the skills to produce amazing content which goes viral or gets shared by someone who is popular.

As more people become aware and engage with your projects. The search algorithms will find this as a signal they should promote your project. It is then, it gets broadcasted wider in search engines and social media platforms alike. Little by little you get to build your reputation bucket and eventually ranking and bringing traffic is really easy because you climb the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) ranks.

To get to this stage the process normally takes 3 years. So you need to be a committed solopreneur.

I’m sad to tell you algorithms, and no connections is only but a little fraction of what currently stands in your way. Just think of how many other people out there, working by themselves are dreaming about becoming financially independent and being able to travel the world and bring joy to their family and friends with gifts.

Unless these dreamers are also in your team, in one way or another contributing to what you are building for yourself, then they are in fact competing
for a piece of the pie. This is not about scarcity mindset. There is plenty of abundance in the world especially with all the new machinery and technology being built shown at the start of the post. Sometimes too many people focus on the same niche and this is what makes it so competitive.

FUN FACT: Digital marketing is one of the most competitive niches, if not the most competitive. If I can get this website over 30 Domain Authority and 30,000 monthly page views I will consider myself a hell of a digital marketing strategist.

The fact is all of this new technology and inventions produce new keywords and business ideas to go after and built websites for. When you become the first content creator to build for untapped markets, you have all the advantages to solidifying your positioning with what is called first movers advantage. One huge market right now where wealth is being produced is with the solar industry.

This is the reason why focusing on small niches where there is little competition is such a big advantage. Because the real problem, standing
between you and your goals is that about 90% of the traffic in Google goes to the page which ranks #1 on the SERP’s.

So to achieve some degree of success, you need to learn as many tricks as you can to get the #1 spot in at least a few terms which drive a lot of traffic. Another way to do it is by focusing on promoting products and services in niches few people are inclined to compete for.

On the darker side of the spectrum there are many intelligent people out there who have the capacity of cheating. For example many have been
the times where a bright developer produced a plug in for WordPress which allowed them full access to the website the plug in was installed.

With this level of access and some other smart programs in place. They could inject code in such a way as to build backlinks to grant authority, to their properties or clients they were trying to rank. In this way they could dominate their target market.

In a similar way intelligent text programs like wordai have been created for the purpose of spinning content. This is a practice where a popular posts from the web are taken and programmatically altered to change the words in the article with closely related synonyms.

The whole idea is to produce unique pieces of content that would pass a plagiarism test and in this way rank on Google. It’s great that Google is pushing Natural Language technology. It will be able to detect content spinning very easily by understanding the context of the articles. In fact since the introduction of BERT which is still becoming better at understanding natural language, many of the black hat spinning sites has lost their rankings.

There is even programs which carefully monitor RSS feeds and would clone your content and put it on another website with much higher authority. The result, the content as you posted it on your website will never rank. However, it will rank and show on those other websites that copied it which have more maturity.

To give you an example Forbes extracted the following answer from Quora. If you want exposure like this, which may be beneficial for your brand and your business. All you have to do is add to your profile reputable credentials and answer the questions in an in depth, insightful way. Show off your expertise. Or fake it til you make it.

Some of those websites which steal content add links to monetize it. Others, take the content for the search value it has in the ability to produce highly profitable traffic. You need to be willing to endure this at the beginning until your online business takes off. This is among the reason why blogs and new online businesses build with content marketing fail.

The creator quits when they don’t see any results after two months. This is not enough effort to allow content to rank especially when high authority sites are taking it and posting it on their websites.

NOTE: Back in the day when I started my first blog a lot of my content would surface in other websites. I would not rank. But now that I understand how all of this works. I’m making progress a lot faster with this project.

So how do you protect yourself and actually improve your chances of success? One way is to do a lot of internal linking to your own website. This way when someone else takes the content all your linked pages extract some link juice and boost their rankings.

FUN FACT: When we create new posts, articles and link to them, the best strategy is to modify some of the text where the link was introduced. This improves the likelihood the Google bot will crawl and index the link in question and add the results to the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s).

The other way is to use a plug in like Rank Math which has a setting which will state where the post first appeared and add a link to your website. Produce content like this, sufficient amount of times the result is your website will build sufficient authority to start ranking and exponentially increase the traffic share it gets.

Eventually, you will build up sufficient authority to outrank anyone taking your content and pretty much all the traffic will go to you, the rightful original creator. I hope you are starting to understand why so many solopreneurs fail. They never get to understand any of this! They are too focused producing in their busy world. That’s how it was for me the first time I tried any of this and ultimately I failed but the experience/skills remained.

The funny thing there is so much more I still have to discover for myself. I try to learn something from everyone. Two key understandings you should keep in your mind.

      1-     Google doesn’t like “make money online” type of content

       2-     Less than 1% of all blogs receive 99% of all comments. Comments are very valuable ranking signals.

So if you are drawn to building a blog purely with the intention of producing “make money online” type of content, you are already setting yourself up for FAILURE. Your content won’t rank anywhere as good as it should. And you will likely focus on promoting products and services which are in one way or another scams because these give the higuests commission rates and payouts.

When you use your website to link out to such products and services which are scammy in nature. You lose TRUST from your audience. Also, ranking and reaching bigger audiences will become exponentially more difficult. It can still be done with a word of mouth “walk your brand” type approach where you tell everyone about your website everywhere you go. But still, the algorithms won’t be on your side and it will be much harder to succeed.

If you want to hit exponential growth you must produce content which pleases the algorithms.

If you do produce content which boosts organic engagement in the form of positive comments you are on the right path to victory. Very few blogs and websites on the internet get any meaningful comments which are not spam. Comments are among the most valuable ranking signals.

Solopreneurship And Customer Support

You want your online business badly. You want it to succeed. You want it to produce sufficient income so you can set free from a job you don’t like and become financially independent.

However, many people come to this space with the idea everything is automated to the point they don’t have to do anything. As many of the scammer gurus out there say. Everything runs on autopilot.

The reality is this. You can make the ecommerce gods be on your side. You can get the algorithms to send you lots of free organic and highly valuable traffic. However, there is rarely such thing as something for nothing.

One of the biggest ways to grow your brands and digital assets is to provide phone support. When customers ring your business line to ask you about the products and services available this is a signal that can be tracked. In fact, some of the goals you can optimize for in PPC is to get business calls.

The same way you can build backlinks to get more traffic. When customers call and their interaction with your customer service agents is upbeat and positive, this is recorded as a positive signal. The algorithms will find you more customers like this one.

Not many people would tell you this. But just like President Donald Trump was once wiretapped by Barack Obama, the same technology exists for advertisers like Facebook and Google. So ultimately if you want to succeed, you need to have in place great customer support.

FUN FACT: If you don’t think Google can listen. Just research how Voice Over IP Works VoIP. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

The better the customer experience you provide, the more the algorithms will push more clients for your business and also the more the customers will send you referrals and introduce their friends. The cost of advertising goes down substantially.

Rarely do Solopreneurs come try to build an online business with the mindset they will pick up the phone all day and attend to customers. Especially
if the gurus sold you on the idea of passive income and you have to do nothing.

One way to maximize your success in this area is to hire customer support agents from overseas to take the calls once you build some momentum. You may be able to find an employee willing to do this for $3-$5/h. Ultimately you will want native speakers that can create rapport with the customers.

These customer service agents are one of the best investments you could make once you have the resources for it. You will experience a big spike in inbound calls made from repeat customers, new customers referred from your old customers, and the algorithms which will find more like them.

The main reason why I keep saying is all about producing the best customer experience is because in one way or another everything is being
tracked. Happy customers produce signals which the algorithms feed on to determine who gets to build their empire and who goes out of business.

Probably the biggest disadvantage solopreneurs have is their social circle is too small. If you want to succeed all by yourself, you need to build the type of personality that makes people want to help you. Emotional intelligence and the ability to build long lasting friendships is critical.

If you can get your friends to share your project on their social media accounts and by word of mouth you are already way ahead of the game. In fact most female “solopreneurs” I know which are massively successful are social butterflies who have a long stream of friends helping them.

I’m extremely productive individual. Initially I thought I could crack the code all by myself. I burned out trying. Work on your social skills. Your project and your business can only succeed when enough people are interested in it. This means you need to be social, or recruit to your team the masters of socializing and networking. Those are the INFLUENCERS. It is no wonder influencer marketing is so powerful.

Launching Enough Pages and Testing Products Is Harder When is a Solo Mission

Think of all the new websites, blog posts, product offers and video content which is launched on the web daily. All of this, in aggregation with all the content made in the past is competing for the valuable eyeballs who could support your online business venture and make purchases.

No matter how productive you may become, a solopreneur with only 24 hours in a day can’t produce sufficient unique content and test enough offers to compete with the big brands or dedicated online marketing teams. The only way you could do this is by recruiting or convincing other people to do it for you.

So while other people out there, are failing faster and merging their skills to produce the right brand voice and sell products. Is like we are going at the speed of turtles trying to do it all ourselves. That’s why I’m such a big advocate of working on jobs that teach you all the skills you need. You will learn and acquire the skills much faster. The first place I learned this was in T Harv Eker “Millionaire Mind“.

The idea is to produce massive value for your employers and at the same time keep building your business on the side. Eventually you will start to produce more income from your side projects than what you would generate as an employee. At that point you can choose whether you want to stay at your job or focus 100% on your business.

Something that can help you succeed is to set your mind on building systems. Set of rules you can follow to accomplish a specific task. What some people call Standard Operational Procedures (SOP). By optimizing your systems in ways which leverage computers and automation, you can work more efficiently and start to produce like if it’s multiple people in your team.

One other way to improve your chances of success is by adopting an schedule which allows you to produce fresh content which is valuable for your business and your target audience. In fact, one of the biggest advantages solopreneurs have is that fresh content ranks better initially after being published. Research studies about FreshRank if you want to learn more.

Building a Vision vs Executing it

One of the biggest problems holding back solopreneurs is in how the mind operates. Some people have great vision and can come up with great
ideas. However, they would not have the right skills to bring the idea to life.

In the other hand, there is other people who are very skilled in certain areas like software development. They could easily build applications and list them on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

But they are lacking other important skills. Like the ability to produce videos which can go viral. Or the ability to produce the right marketing angles to tap on the audience that would buy the product or app like it’s hotcake.

This is why succeeding as a solopreneur by building an online business can take so many years. There are so many skills that need to be built. Sometimes is more efficient to pick 1 single skill which is in high demand and master that skill to world class proportions.

With the added income multiplier as a world class expert in your skill of choice, you can then pay other people to fill the gaps and produce the business outcome you desire. You could hire a developer to build the website or app in your vision. In combination with the right marketing agency to promote it.

TIP: Ideally by this point you have all the right connections to hire the right people. Some people invest their hard earned money to build a project and their resources are depleted. The project never gets finished. This is why building many skills is so powerful. If something goes wrong you can fix it.

The fact is the most disruptive organizations of the last years have been built by those who became the best at a certain skill and had the right imagination to complete the project. Think of Facebook which was started by a group of friends.

On the opposite end of the spectrum. Having the desire and willingness to learn so many skills will likely lead to results much later than when you focus on one. But it will open the door to become an executive within a big company or startup. These are great opportunities.

I chose the path of learning as many skills as I possibly can but sometimes I learned them without having any real use for a specific project. My advice to you if you want to advance much faster. Focus on a single skill preferably which you enjoy and become world class at it. Get hired to do it.

Then start working on other projects on the side and learn the skills you need along the way in order to complete your personal project. You will save so much time from learning stuff you will never use. I’m telling you from experience.

If I could go back in time I would have built in me self confidence, this mindset that I could learn any skill I needed to produce a specific task. The fact is, virtually anything you may need to do. There is a video tutorial on it on YouTube or a threat with a solution in a forum online.

The world has awakened to doing business by producing value and giving a lot of free information and tools. The reason it works this way is because 99% of the population are too lazy to execute. Roughly only 1% of us take the challenge and execute what we learn.

Also another reason why people are choosing to give out a lot of powerful information for free, is because the internet is connecting our consciousness. People are more willing to share information which otherwise would have remained secret.

From the perspective of energy expenditure. Business owners and entrepreneurs would invest on dedicated and dynamic solopreneurs trying to build online businesses. They are smart enough to know if you get value and results from their information then you would be willing to invest in their paid services in the future. Is all about building TRUST.

The best thing is. It’s you who ends up putting all the work and becoming successful. Then you have enough income to invest in paid resources they may offer to keep your business growing. They are building good karma and a future relationship with a client.

Lastly, the reason so many people are sharing “great information” is because a lot of what used to work previously, doesn’t work anymore. So they are selling shovels when there is not much gold you can dig from the methods they share with you. In a way they make it less competitive for themselves by giving out obsolete information which no longer works.

Some people just to try earn affiliate commissions by getting you to sign up to certain programs under them and providing information to grow your business which is outdated. It doesn’t work anymore.

Luckily for you I’m giving you everything I know after years of learning, testing, failing and winning for myself. Eventually I will become financially independent but not at your expense, or by abusing my relationship with you. The search engines will push enough traffic and I am partnering with enough brands so I can succeed by helping you succeed.

The Biggest Asset You Have Is Your Mind

A big problem all of us have is limiting beliefs. We have grown in a society and school system which trains people to be robotic in some ways. Failure is punished. When in the world of entrepreneurship most projects fail until one actually succeeds.

The fact is the more you fail the closer you get to success. Just like Thomas Edison, which by the way did not have 10,000 failed attempts to build the light bulb like many books and history experts said.

The man was more entrepreneurial than that. He hired people to work at his lab, and help him produce all the filaments required to carry the experiments. Until finally they found the right formula which produced a threat filament that could illuminate brightly but don’t burn.

Part of the secret was in removing oxygen which is necessary for combustion. Once they created a vacuum inside the light bulb and removed the oxygen the metal filament carrying current would not burn the way it did before.

What I’m trying to tell you is that if you want to succeed you need to take control of your mind. You need to create a coach inside your head which pushes you to create the right habits and build necessary skills so you can succeed.

Tony Robbins, who is probably the biggest figure alive in the field of personal development. He understands the mind is the most powerful asset and when you are in control of it you are unstoppable.

This is how he teaches so many people to become successful. Beat your mental challenges and take control of your mind and you will find all the confidence in the world to make your online business a reality.

A great book you should read that will help you is “Mindset The New Psychology of Success”. I have found that when I find a way to frame my thoughts in positive nature. Is so much easier to execute whichever task I need to do. Thoughts are forces which are like gates that dictate action.

Frame a thought positively and completing the task will be in synergy with your body. It won’t take as much energy. However, if you think negatively about the task, you are in fact making it harder for yourself to complete the task.

Next time you are scared to do anything because you don’t know how to do it. Think there is someone in the internet who recorded a video or created a tutorial showing you how to do what you need step by step.

In fact, 99% of everything I do. I don’t know how to do it. But I have learned to find the right information or tutorial so I can get it done. You can do the same. Is all out there.

There was a time. When great philosophers like Plato and Pythagoras could have known all of the information available at the time. But now there is so much information there is no way we could learn it all.

Feeling like  a dummy is okay. Just find the resource you need and complete the task at hand. Sometimes I think of myself as a dummy and it gives me the patience to follow tutorials and the curiosity and motivation to learn more. Ultimately, even the harder tasks become easier.

Not Knowing The Legal System

Unless your chosen field of expertise is law procedure you may not know much about law. Even if you are a hell of a good lawyer, chances are your knowledge is limited to a certain discipline like Personal Injury, Work Compensation or Immigration Law.

The fact is the legal system is full of loopholes the biggest corporations take advantage of. For example can you believe a company of the magnitude of Amazon paid no taxes whatsoever in 2018?

Solopreneurs with little knowledge and legal advice do not take advantage of tax cuts and laws which could greatly benefit their business venture. The worse thing is you may be building something which you expect to give you the time freedom and choices in the future. When in fact a legal problem can set you back worse than when you started!

I have seen it time and time again. The most successful the entrepreneurs become, the higher the likelihood of a legal case against them. So come in with the mindset you will lose your money many times. What is most valuable than money is your skills and the connections you build along the way.

One of the highest limiting beliefs I ever held in my mind is that I could build an empire and lose it. Just look at what happened to the once face of Papa Johns. John Schnatter lost his business and his position as CEO of the company he built himself. The same happened to Steve Jobs who was once fired from Apple, although he did not lose all his money.

The legal system is there to own you. Many content creators are now at risk of being sued by the FTC under allegations of violating Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA). Events like this one is what makes me wonder if is even worth it to take so much risk building a business of any kind. It almost seems better to work for the big corporations or the government. Entrepreneurship involves HUGE RISK.

You should build good relationships with good lawyers and influential people to mitigate some of the risks. But even then the department of Justice of the United States or the FTC could sue you and you may lose it all. For example, Microsoft Corp was sued in 1998 by the US Department of Justice. During that time Bill Gates almost lost everything he owned.

Probably the best advice I can give you is not to think of becoming ultra-wealthy unless your goal is to change the world. Is probably better to become part of what Tim Ferris calls “The New Rich” in The Four Hour Workweek. You will have sufficient money to have a good life and have plenty of time freedom.

You Need Social Proof and Business Proof

Most solopreneurs don’t have money to rent dedicated office space for their businesses. Many of them may not even have a business line. However, all of this is vitally important in showing the world you are running a real business.

Many prospective customers these days would look up the business address and decide whether they will do business with you or not based on what they find. Having a dedicated business location also helps substantially rank higher with Google My Business listings which is very powerful to attract customers on the Internet.

The one key concept you need to understand is ALL TRANSACTIONS made ARE BUILD on TRUST. If you fail to make your business trusted on the internet. You will fail at achieving your goals and generating any income.

So if you are all over the place and you have not focused on this, do all the research and necessary changes to make your business more trusted. A big part of building this trust factor is to be willing to go on interviews, present on stages and conferences to show your expertise in a specific field or subject. This on itself requires a lot of willpower and building up your knowledge and self-confidence.

Most people are terrified to step in front of a stage with thousands of listeners. I know I would be! But this is part of the journey to be able to succeed in most cases. Many people are afraid of looking dumb. It happens to the best of us.

Frameworks and Procedures

I already said that building systems to follow is very important. I can’t stress it enough. As a solopreneur you must build frameworks and procedures which make you more productive. Just like I said above, your Mind is Your Biggest Asset. This is why is so important to preserve your brain power as much as possible so you can use it in ways that help you reach your goals.

Every time you have to think to make a decision you are using some of that brain fuel. The more decisions you have to make in a day the more depleted your brain becomes so there is less focus available to innovate and create new ideas. Part of the secret in “Think and Grow Rich” is that you need to be able to tap into that source of creativity in order to produce ideas that change the world.

A great way to get on the right path is to use the ideas found in this post. The post is long and although the guide was made for iphone, many of the concepts and ideas also carry over if you have an android device.

Most times you will find Gurus like Alex Becker trying to sell something. However, this video he made last year presents many truths which are keeping you from being successful. In short he talks about how he spends most of his day focused on growing his business. He also shares he optimizes his mind, exercises and cleanses his body regularly in an attempt to keep his brain sharp and producing the best ideas.

Part of his secret sauce is to focus on one project or idea at a time. I agree with the fact the more ideas we concentrate on at once  the less effective we become. In fact I’m guilty of abusing my brain with too many ideas. I have found is better to record ideas in a notebook or trello board and then execute them and improve on them one by one.

If you are interested here is the video:


Is all about building the right habits so you can incrementally improve your performance and your ability to become more competitive. Either you do it this way or you need to build a team to help you.

It always amazes me how some of the most effective and successful people seem to have a different answer. Some will tell you what you need is productivity. Other will tell you to focus on leadership. Others will tell you to focus on spirituality and mental health. The reality is, all of them are right because everything is connected. What we should strive for is incremental improvement in every single area of our lives everyday.

In order to achieve incremental improvement, you must train yourself to be your own coach. In this way you can spot when you are being effective and manage to produce the right changes to improve performance. It takes time, dedication and consistency to get good at it but in time you will achieve it if you don’t give up. Make it your goal to take full control of your mind so it does what you want.

Build Partnerships

Out there are plenty of solopreneurs like you and I. Trying so hard to become successful. Find ways to partner with them and help each other. There is also plenty of brands and companies looking for talent and influencers. We are in the biggest booming economy the United States has seen.

You need to quit thinking this is a solo mission and instead find ways to produce value for others and access value from others in return. The cumulative skills, knowledge and effort of many will far produce better results than just your own.


If you read this post you will realize why single man teams fail so much. Most online businesses that fail these days are ran by solopreneurs who take on the challenge of doing everything inside the business because gurus sold them on the idea this is easy to do.

Building rapport with search engine and social media algorithms is about being social. You need to produce content and offers which highly engage your ideal customer. Or you need to develop all the social skills to get others to help you succeed. Those who can get influencers to share their content for free are golden.

As I said, part of building a trusted reputation for your business is to have the best customer support. There is technology which can track and measure how happy a customer is on a business call. If the user experience in the call is positive. The customers will send you more referrals and the artificial intelligence behind the algorithms tracking conversations, will also send you more customers like this. The signals do help rank your digital assets. Remember Google can do Natural Language Processing. They can understand sentences and speech.

When you work by yourself is harder to launch new pages and test new products to advertise. Research has found that new unique content can rank better. The problem is new websites don’t have the authority to rank. Drop by drop by building all sort of positive signals on the web, your rank bucket will fill up.

Some people fail because they don’t have the right vision or ideas. Other people fail because they don’t have the skills to execute their ideas. If the challenge is to succeed without no external help be prepared to spend a lot of time and effort finding the right formula. Is better to model successful people who have done what you want to do or to assemble a team to help you.

Unfortunately most of us grow up with limiting beliefs and fear. In this state is impossible to thrive and produce the results you want to achieve. You must take ownership of the most powerful asset you possess which is the quantum computer inside your head. Take command of your mind and you can do anything. Meditation and building a coach inside your mind helps achieve this.

One of the biggest overlooked ways to fail is in neglecting legal advice. Many people become successful and then lose everything in the Court of Law. That’s the reason the value your skills provide to the marketplace is so important. You may lose all your money multiple times. It’s the skills, connections and knowledge you built along the way that stays with you.

Remember to do everything you can to build TRUST. This is at the core of any transaction. Work on your habits and leverage systems to help you become more productive and competitive in the marketplace.

As many people say out there. If you want to get results you have never got before. You must do the things you have never done before. This will include going on interviews, speaking on stages and positioning yourself as a valuable authority figure in your chosen field. Or building websites, landing pages and doing SEO and performance marketing. There is a lot to know.

This will allow you to become world class and to greatly impact your income potential. This in turn will allow you to build strategic partnerships with other brands and services in different industries. As your income potential grows you may be able to hire employees for your team and pay virtual assistants to do certain tasks for you. But be careful to hire the right people who can produce results as some employees will only drain your funds.

In the end finding success is about loving the journey because you will fall on your face so many times. You should not think of doing everything alone and instead you should leverage all of your social capital so you can achieve your goals and purpose in life.

If I have learned something in the last few years is that is not how much you know. But is most definitely about who you know. Through people you can achieve just about anything. Build your network. Work hard to construct relations with other people. Because it is those people who will determine whether you succeed or not.

It is people that can propel you to the last pillar of success which most of us define as financial freedom.

FUN FACT: Backlinks at the very top of the page pass more link juice than back links at the bottom. This is the main reason is smart to start your posts by linking to your own content. Also if is stolen with an RSS tool as soon as you post it, and it never ranks. When people click on the links at the top they will be going to your website. Thousands of small details like this, working together is the difference between winning and failing on the web.

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PS: The first time I tried to invest I fell for “shiny object syndrome”. This was my biggest, most embarrassing failure. Luckily, when I got into it, the platform was already nearing the end of it’s life. I did not get more people involved but I took the risk. Back then I was following a mentor who had invested many thousand dollars. He was a very successful marketer. I lost like $5000, which was a very humbling experience but I learned so many things including:

1- Money comes and goes. Health > Money.

2- Never invest in anything you don’t fully understand. Investing is inherently risky. Real companies go bankrupt.

3- If you take the risk, don’t get family or friends involved. This way if things go wrong you won’t feel guilty.

4- If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Wealth is built over time through hard work, producing value.

5- Reputation is more important resource long term than making money short term. Build good Karma.

6- Living with less is more. Things won’t make you happy. Experiences and connecting with people will.

7- In the end we will all die. Don’t stress with life or what other people think. Learn from your mistakes.

8- Strive to make better decisions everyday. The cumulative quality of your decisions will determine your life.

9- One big mistake can destroy thousands of good decisions but don’t beat yourself up. Come back strong.

10- Life is cyclical. Make the most of every good moment because bad ones will come. Black and white. Ying/Yang.

In the end I don’t regret the mistakes I have made along the way because I have always learned very valuable lessons. My current goal is to build a source of passive income which generates about $2000/mo blogging. That’s sufficient to fuel my frugal lifestyle since I live like a student. To me the most valuable resource of all is time freedom. I hope the information I share here also helps you reach your own goals…

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